The story so far…

In years gone by Hanney held an annual Feast that involved inhabitants of both villages in events, shows, competitions and exhibitions.  Sadly this tradition died out about 40 years ago.  In 2012 for the Diamond Jubilee both villages got together and organised a long weekend of events.  It was a tremendous success with most of our inhabitants involved, from the very youngest to our senior citizens.

A buzz was created to revive the idea of an annual all village event.  As a consequence, at the initiative of the parochial church council of St James the Great, and with the enthusiastic backing of numerous village organisations including both parish councils, a committee was formed to create – the Hanney Michaelmas Fayre followed in the evening by the Hanney Hop.

The first Fayre held on 21st September 2013 was an amazing day – more fun than any of us could ever have thought with a huge crowd enjoying a wonderful sunny September afternoon.

Memories of the day (see our gallery for some reminders)

  • a toffee drop and children running across the fields to find them
  • the Le Mans start of the Soap Box Derby
  • afternoon teas
  • lots of tigers and princesses – thanks to the face painters
  • 34 dogs parading around the Butter Cross
  • dancing to Cooper Black
  • dozens of show entries being judged in the church
  • Michaelmas Ale
  • carrying home piles of newly-purchased books
  • dance displays
  • goulash & apple tart
  • the ‘silver’ mile

One of the legacies of the day was a profit surplus enabling the Fayre Committee to make grants to 13 projects in the villages.   Details of how to apply for a Grant can be found by clicking here.